Plot: Following his two failed attempts to conquer Earth,[N 1] Darkseid and his armies have conquered countless worlds. Fearing he will return to Earth, the Justice League, joined by new members Lex Luthor, John Constantine and his lover Zatanna, travel to Apokolips in a preemptive attack while the Teen Titans remain on Earth to defend it. Darkseid sees their entire plan through Cyborg’s Mother Box technology, and upon arrival, the League is attacked by “Paradooms” – hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday’s DNA. Several heroes are killed, and others are enslaved or converted into cyborg Furies. Constantine hesitantly flees back to Earth as he watches Zatanna die.

Two years later, Darkseid has conquered Earth, with Paradooms roaming the planet and devices known as Reapers sent from Apokolips to mine the Earth’s core. Luthor has become a New God representative, reporting to Batman, now under the control of Darkseid via a Mobius Chair. Clark Kent, whose Kryptonian powers were suppressed with a liquid Kryptonite injection, has been allowed to wander the Earth to observe his failures. Raven, depressed due to her friends’ deaths and her father Trigon’s attempts to escape her magical prison[N 2], attempts suicide but is stopped by Clark.

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